Nightlight for the Soul

I’ve often wondered if, as an artist, I shouldn’t do more to use my art as a vehicle to add to the narrative that we’re all sharing in the world today. Throughout history, many artists have used their talents and skills to make connections with people around serious social and political issues. Because my work READ MORE

At Long Last… An Update!

I am abysmally slow at updating my blog with the latest happenings at Sabrina Ehlert Art, and there really is so much going on! Last month, I set up for the first time at Denver Arts Fest. It was my first arts festival I attended as a vendor, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to READ MORE

Gearing up for Denver Arts Festival

If I’ve been a little quieter than usual it’s because I’ve been hunkered down creating work for the Denver Arts Festival which is coming up later this month on May 26th thru 27th. This will be my first major arts festival, and honestly I’m a little overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to READ MORE

Paint Night: Gravity Brewing

This Tuesday, March 27 from 6 to 8 pm, I will be hosting a Paint and Pints Night at Gravity Brewing in Louisville Colorado. The project features a Stary Nebula painted on a 16×20 canvas. The Gravity logo is in the stars, but the featured constilation can be whatever is written for you. Early Bird READ MORE

New Piece: Leon, The Black

Two weeks ago during Downtown Longmont’s 2nd Friday, I revealed a project I’d been teasing for a few weeks, #mysteryproject. For this project, instead of my usual work in progress pictures, I just took little teaser photos, hinting at what I was working on. It was the first time that I’d played around with teasers READ MORE

Book a Paint Night Event with Sabrina Ehlert Art

A Paint Night Event is a fun and creative way to hang out with friends, work on team building skills, liven up a slow night in a taproom or brewery, or just meet new people while learning something new. Think that you’re not a painter? My paint night events are designed to be easy to READ MORE